Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too funny to cry over

What a morning! I started my day at 5am, and hit the ground running. Put away laundry, pick up the house, feed and water the animals; and the plants. I put together a homemade beef soup using our prime rib left overs, cabbage, potatoes, onion, yellow squash, with beef stock. Smells amazing, lets hope my cooking instincts are on target! I winged it with what I had in the fridge.
I was admiring the "Half-Their-Size" segment on the Today show, thinking hard about my own ballooning weight, when I noticed the house plant behind the couch shaking. "What the hell?" I thought as I leaned over to see which critter was responsible. It was Sharkie, digging in the plant with her snout, trying to bury her bone. WTF? No wonder the plant is dying! She had two other bones buried in it! She is soooooooo sneaky. She packs the dirt down with her big bazoobie nose so nobody catches on to what she's up to. Crazy damn dog.
Still manic today, still recovering from my episode yesterday. I don' remember all of it. That's how it is when true mania hits. Black out time. It was interesting reading my post from yesterday. Blogging is great for back tracking lost time.
I shall keep it up.
Did I mention I put Rabbit on a diet? More later. Off to transplant before the day gets away from me.
Love and hugs.

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