Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bad Bi-polar day...

You might not know this about bi-polar people that are primarily manic. We have gradiose thoughts that ping through our brains at a truly alarming rate. No time to process the order properly, I just run with what I get. Sometimes those thought just don't make a hell of a lot sense to my immediate family and friends that I visit frequently. I'm what they call "eccentric." Not a bad word to be called. In my condition, I find it to be charming. For others it's exhausting and annoying.
The Prozac in the new Symbyax I take tends to trigger mania when I am faced with many tasks at once. I have lost my flair for organization; have no more will left to write happy cards and letters to people who can't or won't communicate back with me. My family thinks everything is better with the new meds...and it is...except I'm missing a part. That damn unattainable Abilify. They don't participate in any low or no cost drug program and their $20 clams per pill!!!!So only those bi-polar people with health insurance and/or money can afford it. What a set back to be so close to being "normal."
I'm on the outs with my hubby because I took down the ugly curtains without permission. Then AJ threw in the towel and doesn't was to help get ready for his party. I guess we won't be having one then. He will be another teen driving statistic. I will pray for his survival that night. Things have been tough the past two days butting heads with my boys. I'm not sure if I'm coherent and reasonable, or a tad manic and unreasonable. Must be the latter if me boys are offering no support.

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