Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Blues

It's Sunday...we couldn't afford a day of rest, not with my new aversion to everything Xmas. I had to un-decorate the house asap today. I have to give props to Susan...who famously said five years ago, "One holiday spent with family can un-do years of therapy." I insisted to my son and daughter that they must spend the day with Casey and I; and they obliged me. Much to my dismay, it was not the happy day I thought it would be. I say that tongue firmly in cheek. I partook in some herbs for which to relax, and find myself with much to say; however I now lack the dexterity needed to compose witty passages for our amusement. Pookie scraped off every key necessart to type with my usual fervor. I backspace to delete far more characters than make it to my post. Peace out and thank goodness for GDP. I shall sleep easy.

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