Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sick Day

Woke up this morning with the cold that's been plaguing Casey for weeks. I thought, incorrectly, that it would spare me, but no. Blick, I say. I am one of those people who produces a loud "honk" everytime I blow my beak. When a cold is up there, the honk is even more pronounced. It's embarrassing when I have to honk in public. Everyone within a 50 feet radius turns looks at me in amazment and pity when that honking sound erupts. It really does sound like a horn.
Other than that, today should be a great day. I got all of my Xmas cards out on time, and I'm making homemade beef stew for dinner from a recipie out of my never-fail Betty Crocker Cookbook. The family is excited about it. It's AJ's meal until after his oral surgury on Friday. He's getting all four wisdom teeth removed. OMG! I'm going to spend the weekend taking care of my poor kid. It's going to be rough for him. I have the feeling he's a "sweller" so I'm going to take the requisite photos to document his torment. Yay! He's being such a teenager these days. I guess we're pretty lucky. He doesn't get in trouble, and yes...he's going to graduate. Hooray!
Well, I'm off to make beef stew. It's got to be in the ole crock pot by 7am to slow cook all day. Plus, the damn cats are fighting over the Christmas tree. Damn that Pookie for ripping all the ornaments off anyway!

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