Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Cat Lady of Cypress Hill

Yes, I'm the cat lady. Only 42 years old, and I have all of the cat owning propensities of a 72 year old widowed woman. I own three cats, Manzo Dido, Figgy, and Pookie. I've adopted a cat I call "Pansy Puss." She lives somewhere around Cypress Hill, but I'm not sure where. She's at the front door at 5:30am demanding food. You can't fill the bowl half way either. She gets very upset, and cries if there isn't a mound of dry food.
AJ tells me not to feed her, but how can I not??? Clearly, she's an outdoor cat, who needs to stay warm by eating lots of food. I don't feel I have a choice. Plus, I love cats. I can't bear to see one suffer, or hear them cry. And so it goes, I'm going through a five pound bag of chow every week. Oh my.
The dogs, on the other hand, detest their dry food. Trinity would rather eat a piece of lettuce than her dog chow. I felt bad for cutting off their canned food, but the current economic climate demands cut backs. Poor puppies....I don't see them eat much, but there is no noticable weight loss, so they must be doing fine. Ahhhh, the animals.
I'm having a good day today. No drama, no problems, no anxiety. The meds are working pretty good. I shower everyday, take care of the house, animals, the garden, and my boys. Gotta keep that AJ on task with school!!! Casey and I got to have lunch together, which was great. I miss my favorite person when we're apart. He's engrossed in The History Channel right now, a show about how the hell the US isn't able to find Osama. Very frustrating to listen to.
How about a little poem???? I'm feeling it right now. Here goes:

The storm lashes outside,
gnashing its teeth in fury,
shaking sturdy trees
as if they were saplings.
Parched autumn leaves
have not a chance,
and rain down upon
the dry grass,
twisting in a macabre dance,
their death complete.

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